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pleasepinchmehard offers you free short erotic stories.

Many people experience a loss of libido when they are stressed, mentally unwell or experiencing difficult times. Our brain is our biggest sex organ. Where reading has been a way to calm our minds for centuries, erotica too has been the number one favourite for many housewives and others alike. 

Where it always had a victorian stable boy meets queen vibe, it has long since dropped that image since the likes of Fifty Shades of Grey and other pop culture films and songs grasping the sexy world by the horns and making it screen compatible.

pleasepinchmehard combines all the saucy bits with a real story that people can relate to.

For example threesomes with anal sex to self-pleasure to using toys. But above all and most importantly; the characters are believable. Similarly, the situations are real.

So pour yourself a cup of something, get cosy and dive into a world of bodies that wobble and bits that drip. No rules. Moreover, prepare yourself for a good dose of happy feels with a British accent.

Photo of a woman in a red sequined dress touching her exposed thigh

Red, ripe and ready – menstruation sex erotica

Let me tell you a story: When I was younger, all missing teeth and self-cut fringe, my mother told me that when I grow up I can be whatever I want to be. And I believed her. But now, I’m not so sure anymore. Because I want to be someone who has orgasms. And that’s not who I am.

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A photo of two women with their heads on each others shoulders in pink portraying the intimacy the couple in this story about bisexuality feels - erotica

Rock my world – bisexual erotica

My toes curl as she once more gazes up at me. Her eyes taunt me with longing. The spotlights from above frame her face like a portrait, etching the image into my eyes like staring at the sun for too long.

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pleasepinchmehard rough taboo sex short erotic story

I just want dick

She just wants dick. Rough, taboo sex with her subordinate. She’s all geared up and he’s nowhere to be found. Will he surprise her? Will she surprise herself?

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A short, erotic story about female pleasure and bisexuality

It’s not all black and white

Observe the lady over there. The one with the white trousers. She’s been lusting over that lady there; the one with the white top. I wonder what they’ll be getting up to this evening? Oh, I think that’s making them blush. Apologies.

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pleasepinchmehard butterfly tattoo on a woman - a short erotic story about two females and squirting

Discipline, Darling.

Two women, a mutual arrangement and an empowering metamorphosis. For ladies who like ladies but are waiting to spread their wings.

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Photo showing three pairs of feet under a blanket: a couple and a baby. The story is about postpartum sex.


They found themselves in much familiarity of each other’s bodies yet it all felt new. Lilly’s nipples felt sore as he touched them. „Mm, not my nipples“, she admitted, somewhat defeatedly. Sexy. Matt didn’t flinch. Instead he stroked and caressed every bit of her skin. It felt great and she relaxed in his love.

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Image of a peach that looks like a bum to depict anal sex in a short erotic story. On a pink background


„I want you in me“, she replied, three fingers now slipping in to her bum effortlessly. She could feel his apprehension. His penis drew out of her vagina and he covered it with lube, dripping more on her bum.

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PLEASEPINCHMEHARD rich results for free short erotic stories image shows woman with blonde short hair sat naked in a bedroom with her hand close to her face


In my wildest self-pleasure fantasies, I am with you. Yes, that’s right, you. I am lying in bed having just woken up, warm and dishevelled. And I am thinking of you. In my head, I have a different body. I am petite with a blond bob, big bosoms, and a sizable butt.

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