Red, ripe and ready - menstruation sex erotica


Menstruation sex erotica and first time orgasms during a female orgy: a story with so many taboos it begs to be devoured! Written for SkirtClub Signature Party in Hamburg, it scratched all the itches of 35 women and turned out to be quite the fantasy many fulfilled.

Photo of a woman in a red sequined dress touching her exposed thigh




Her hands are warm and steady.

As she slides them further up my thighs,

My face all smiles and groans and sighs.

„I‘m on“, I murmur,

She strokes me firmer.

The tampon string dangles from my lips,

Her hands are now pushing down my hips.

The dental dam pulled taut and tight 

I begin to dream of the forthcoming night.

And now more hands,

Maybe four or six

They grasp

They tickle

Some pinch

One whips.

We’re here for the sins

All skins

And limbs

And that is where this story begins.

Let me tell you a story: When I was younger, all missing teeth and self-cut fringe, my mother told me that when I grow up I can be whatever I want to be. And I believed her. But now, I’m not so sure anymore. Because I want to be someone who has orgasms. And that’s not who I am.

Do you know that place between awake and asleep? When you’ve just woken up and the dreams are still swirling around in your mind.

Now, do you know that place between not quite coming yet and coming?

I believe it’s kind of the same thing.

Like waiting for your hot chocolate on a cold day. Or sprinting over the sand towards the frothy foam of the sea. Now imagine that hot chocolate doesn’t reach you. Or the sand is so hot you turn around.

Orgasms are my hot chocolate. And fuck am I craving one. I don’t understand why I can’t and trust me I’ve given it time, thoughts, a fair share of attempts and invested a substantial amount of money. But it won’t cum (excuse the pun). Some people say it doesn’t matter: „it’s not worth the hype“. But what if that hot chocolate is the best fucking hot chocolate you’ve never tasted? Exactly. I want it.

And – spoiler alert – I’m going to get it. In the most hedonistic way possible.

So imagine – if you will – a venue full of gorgeous women all dressed in red. 

No, really, imagine it. 

Right. So these women are going to fill my cup in a way I never thought possible. I’ll have you know, I’ve always been a flirt, a charmer, a tease even. It makes me feel powerful, flaunting my body and pulling all gazes on me. But when I really get into it, sex, I mean, I tend to feel a little overwhelmed. Like I’m performing or trying too hard.

So here I am, this venue. These women. One is more delicious than the next. All stood with a red drink, red nails, red lips… And all I can think about is my stupid tampon. I don’t feel super sexy. I’m not sure how I feel about teasing. I’m pissed off, that I have my period now of all times. Tonight was meant to be THE night. The night I cum.

She sees me before I see her. When our eyes meet, it’s like an invisible rope pulls me towards her. Without hesitation, I am entranced. We stand face to face for a moment. She’s not at all what I would’ve thought would lure me in tonight. But I know she’s exactly what I need. Soft like a lazy Sunday morning. Awake and alert as if electricity is running through her body. And bewitching in the most loin-tickling way possible. 

We do not speak. Her hand below my chin, gentle as only a mother’s touch.

As she strokes my cheek my gaze flits between her eyes and lips. Full lips, ruby-red. Her eyes a deep green; a forest of mystery.

My period. My period. 

My mind won’t stop. But my mouth can’t function.

Each touch makes me shudder. Goosebumps galore.

Her name. My name.

Irrelevant right now.

Our eyes speak volumes as she sits me on a bed.

Pulling my arms up above my head she begins to kiss the side of my neck.

And I’ve done this before. I know what this feels like. But somehow, it’s different.

Something about her is different.

She’s older. She’s experienced. She doesn’t care at all if I’m on.
I feel like a puppy. Out of control. Surrendering.

Something I rarely do: give up control.

As she kisses my chest and back up the other side of my neck I can’t help but moan. Full and utter release. Normally so orchestrated I no longer feel the need to perform. I am just being me. Me. A me I’ve never been before yet feels like the most authentic me I’ve ever experienced.




I’m feeling rather heady.

The room all fades,

My mind is empty,

Her kisses wash me

With lust a-plenty.

My hands are sweaty,

My heart is racing,

I’m suddenly aware that

I am her plaything.

As she pulls down my panties,

My lips flushed and red

I see three more ladies

Approaching the bed.

I agree to their gaze

To their touch

To their lips

As six more hands devour me

From my breasts

To my hips.

My mind is now blank

The thoughts all displaced

As SHE takes the vibrator

And strokes down my waist.

The dental dam gone,

My clit is now humming

The kisses, the whipping,

I think – yes – I’m cumming.

I reach that place,

That space

That room

And it’s like it’s redecorated

The lust is in bloom.

But I’m stuck

In my head.

I’m nervous instead.

I can’t find the words,

My thoughts are all clouded,

I think I feel panic

The room feels crowded.

She whispers „lie down“

And transfixes my eyes

I stare past my abs

To her strong tanned thighs.

The women cocoon me

With understanding and heat

And suddenly I’m floating

From my head to my feet.

They tweak at my nipples,

They lick up my breasts,

I’m incredibly loud but

I couldn’t care less.

How often I’d tried

My vag, butt and clït,

These women: incredible

I’m relishing it.

And then – it happens,

the Big Bang is near

Great fuck I’ve achieved it

It’s all so clear.

The vibrations

The whirring

My uterus stirring.

My butt, it scooches

She is soaked with my juices.

The tampon irrelevant,

What a woman,

I’m free…

There are hands, lips and women

As far as I can see.

So much to take in

My senses alight

I could do this forever

Or at least for tonight.

I’m finally feeling it

As it streams through my blood



I’m ready

My heart




My back, it arches

My toes, they curl,

As I shout out „Oh, fuck“

It’s one big, red light whirl.

Puh. Are you ok? Did it go too fast for you? It wasn’t as fast as it sounded, trust me. It involved a lot more eye contact, asking „like this? Is this ok?“ And reassuring hands stroking, caressing, giving me all the passion I’ve clearly missed all this time. From complete strangers. Who expect nothing from me.

Am I saying have four women devour you in order to reach the orgasm you’ve been craving all along? No. But I’m also not saying don’t try it. The sensory overload, the force and energy of so many women.

This hot chocolate was the best fucking hot chocolate I’ve ever had. And now that I’ve tasted it, I want more. 

So, if you had told me, I would experience my first orgasm whilst on my period with four women and a vibrator, I would never have believed you.

But orgasm or not, I can thoroughly recommend finding four women, draped in red, to spend a few hours with where your mind goes blank and your natural instincts return. No pressure, no performance, no expectations.

And then, let loose and go fucking wild. 


This menstruation sex erotica story was written for a reading at SkirtClub Signature Party in Hamburg in September 2022. An exclusive female-only club for bi-curious and bisexual women that offers a safe space in which women can explore and fulfill their sexual fantasies.

The motto of the evening was RED LIGHT and so I saw it fitting to have the ladies wearing red (this went down very well at the reading). As the color red is also so symbolic of fertility and hence menstruation I decided the topic of menstruation would be one that would serve as an ice-breaker. Additionally, women who aspire to have orgasms often go to great lengths to have one and this taboo topic is one that rarely finds a space in our society. And to top it all off: a healthy dose of an older woman with a younger woman plus a female orgy to really push all limits!

During the reading the story had rather a few whimsical moments and was later described as spicy comedy. Watch this space as it will also be turned into an audio so you can hear Mrs. Lisa O. read it to you. Sign up for the newsletter if you want to know asap!

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