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pleasepinchmehard short reads are my random musings on all things pleasure, parenting, identity & more. Always rambly, honest, raw and vulnerable.

While the subject pleasure and sex are omnipresent in my work, it takes a holistic approach to our life and personality to really work on our sexual (r)evolution. So these short reads are all those other thoughts I’m having as a woman, mother, sister, friend and lover.

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Photo of two hands in a sexual flow with rainbow lights to depict the article describing "sexual flow" by Lisa Opel for pleasepinchmehard

This is what happens when flow meets sex

Discover the secrets to heightened intimacy in our feature on the art of sexual flow. Explore the benefits, delve into the joys of life’s natural rhythms, and master the art of creating a deeper connection with your partner. Immerse yourself in the world of slow, sensual experiences that ignite passion and fortify your bond.

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Photo of a bear depicting a sexual spirit animal for an article by Lisa Opel for pleasepinchmehard about discovering your sexual spirit animal to better understand your sexuality

What’s your sexual spirit animal?

Uncover your sexual spirit animal and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Explore the unique traits and desires that shape your intimate connections. Embrace your sexuality authentically and communicate your needs for more fulfilling relationships.

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Photo of a woman lying on a couch with a book, staring into nothing, obviously comtemplating something. This is to display how intelligent people can often become trapped in their minds and neglect their bodies and physical needs.

Why smart people have less sex

Exploring the intricate relationship between intelligence and sexual frequency, uncovering factors that shape this connection, including ideas on how to beat the mind conundrum.

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A photo of a weather cock to symbolize how breaking barriers in relationships can change the winds of intimacy

Embracing open communication through farting

Explore how something as ordinary as farting can have extraordinary effects on a relationship. Discover how embracing this natural bodily function can encourage open communication, strengthen trust, and foster a more authentic connection between partners.

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pleasepinchmehard photo from Unsplash of neon lights with the word love

Exploring love and lust

Exploring love and lust: Unraveling the emotions and desires that shape relationships. Discover the key differences between passionate lust and deep, enduring love.

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A photo of black adult toys including a leather bunny mask, whips and handcuffs on a pink background

Motherhood, sex and self-exploration

Exploring kinks, BDSM and fetishes can be a powerful way for mums to reclaim their sexuality, practice self-care, and embark on a journey of personal growth and self-exploration. Let me tell you why and how.

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Bild von Jenny Lukas von Hallo Yoni Online Kongress und Lisa Opel für ein Interview

Hallo Yoni Online Kongress mit Lisa Opel

VIDEO INTERVIEW (DE) – Der Online Sex Kongress war ein wahres Highlight in diesem Jahr! Als Speakerin hatte ich die Ehre, über das Thema “Lust Verlust” zu sprechen und mit vielen anderen großartigen Expertinnen und Experten zusammenzuarbeiten.

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photo of women holding onto a ballet barre to depict mums training at the Barre in Hamburg

Barre in Hamburg: the ultimate workout for mums

As I sauntered into my first-ever barre workout at the Youpila Studio in Hamburg, I couldn’t help but feel like a fish out of water. I mean, what kind of workout involves a ballet barre and tiny pulses that make your legs feel like they’re made of jelly?

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A photo of a light box with the words manage your menopause on a peach background

Perimenopause & Menopause Resources

With this topic still resonating as a massive taboo in todays society, here is a list of resources to get you started into better understanding the changes in your body when things start feeling different.

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