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The intellectual realm of sex is booming.

Honestly, Forbes reported last year that audio porn, erotic audio, sexy inspiration, influencer… Call it what you like, the pandemic has seen a drastic rise in people turning to written and spoken fiction to turn them on, escape the sludge of everyday routine and re-experience pleasure.

PLEASEPINCHMEHARD has been there from the start. 

Whilst people are turning to popular audio apps and fiction on known platforms, there has been a surge in fans reaching out via Instagram and other social media platforms. Why? They are closer to the source. If they like, they can even message them. 

PLEASEPINCHMEHARD has sex-interested people in the palm of its’ hand. 

Loyal fans that enjoy everyday content and are keen on long-term entertainment.

Visual porn has long taken a backseat in all its often gruesome and terrifying imagery. People starting out, those that have been deprived of a decent sex education are calling out for easy ways in to self-pleasure, kink, BDSM and other inspirational sexual worlds.

PLEASEPINCHMEHARD caters to their needs.

From the beginning we have seen the newcomers to the scene zealously following content about sex. And we have offered them a buffet of sexual treats.

Although the number of fans may not be in their thousands, we have quality, not quantity. An aspect that leaches through our content, our philosophy, our end products.

Where do you come in?

With more people craving intellectual sexual stimulation, PLEASEPINCHMEHARD has what they need. The stories are short and captivating. Featured products are quickly visible and clear and explained. As a former high-end sex toy and clothing boutique manager, our Author 

Mrs Lisa O. knows her paraphernalia and is happy to test, review and glorify your product (if it holds up its end.)
So, send us a message here (or under yes@pleasepinchmehard.com) and let’s get buzzing.