Postpartum reality


A short erotic story about a couple with small kids trying to get their groove back. Postpartum sex can be explorative, new and sometimes also difficult. However it is for you, communicate with your partner!

Photo showing three pairs of feet under a blanket: a couple and a baby. The story is about postpartum sex.

Matt and Lilly had great sex. Matt was her husband of 10 years and the man who could make her come multiple times within a very short period of time. In their time they had had all sorts of sex: loving sex, rampant sex, kinky sex, explorative sex, awkward sex, SM sex, fast sex, sensually long sex, outside and inside sex, sex in unusual places and come and get it sex. 

Yet this; this sex now, was like no sex either of them had ever experienced. 

And not in a we are freshly in love and are just getting to know each other way. No. This was 5 months postpartum sex. For the past five months Lilly had merely used her body as a supplier of milk to her boob monster of a child and apart from very gentle washing of her overly sensitive area had not once had an erotic thought. In any case; when she did have time with her own body she wanted nothing more than to lay, untouched, and get some sleep!

Yet the reality was that a relationship requires work and whilst both Matt and Lilly were empathetic people, they also missed each other’s touch, the close relationship they had led before the baby bubble and how their bodies made each other feel good. And with her milky boobs, deflated pudgy belly and deep rings under her eyes, Lilly really wanted to feel desirable again. 

Their boy was asleep and they looked at each other for a moment; „let’s do this“, Lilly said, stripping off her clothes with not an ounce of sexiness or passion. 

For a short moment she felt vulnerable. 

She hadn’t „bounced back“ yet: her thighs met in the middle, her bum sagged (and she wondered if she should name her haemorrhoids if they were going to stick around longer), her hair was unwashed and she could feel the wet patch of her leaky boobs in her bra. Suddenly ashamed of her body she watched as Matt stripped off and stood before her in only his socks. She giggled; no need for shame here even though it was the middle of the day. 

Matt loved her body; everything she saw as a flaw he saw as the uniqueness of her having carried their baby boy, nursed him through long nights, comforted with tired arms and an achy back and provided warmth and strength during tears and weakness. 

All the clothes were coming off now. 

Removing her bra she felt them drop a few centimetres. 

„Wow, they used to be perkier“, she said, pressing herself to his naked body as he embraced her gently. „You look beautiful“, he smiled and kissed her softly. 

They found themselves in much familiarity of each other’s bodies yet it all felt new. Lilly’s nipples felt sore as he touched them. „Mm, not my nipples“, she admitted, somewhat defeatedly. Sexy. Matt didn’t flinch. Instead he stroked and caressed every bit of her skin. It felt great and she relaxed in his love.

She could already feel his boner. This filled her with pride. Her body had caused that. Her body; the body she had detached from completely over the past five months. 

His hands slid over her bottom and up her back to the nape of her neck. She loved it when his hands were near her face and neck; it had something of old movies. His skin felt soft and strong beneath her fingers as she too explored each bit of him; his muscular back, his chest, the sexy dips above his penis almost like a treasure map to pleasure. Brushing over his pubic hair she realised she hadn’t shaved or shortened her own pubic hair in at least six months. It didn’t bother Matt. His fingers were already carefully and respectfully stroking and playing with her vagina and clit. 

She felt horny but dry. 

It must be the breastfeeding, she had read about this. She had never had a problem getting wet and willed herself to be hornier or wetter. Matt seemed to read her thoughts and reached for the lube (somewhat covered in dust but still usable). 

„It’s not that I’m not…“, she started. „I know, look“, he said pointing at her boobs which were now dripping with milk. „Oh gosh“, she gasped and held her hands to her boobs. „Maybe a bra is a good idea.“ Quickly popping it on she grabbed two tissues from the table and shoved them into the bra. A good giggle always proves to be the secret to feeling relaxed and comfortable with your own body and that of your partner. 

Lilly moved back and sat on the edge of the couch. Sex, when your child co-slept with you, happened everywhere and any time on command as you never knew when the baby might wake. But it didn’t lose its thrill. Matt and Lilly still shared a past so powerful and a future so magical that circumstances were irrelevant. 

Matt moved towards her and she began licking and kissing his penis and balls. Her nails scraped over his lower back, the inside of his thighs, his bottom and his lower stomach. He bent forward to reach her vagina but she closed her legs. „Ouh“, he said. Looking up at him she replied „I want to touch me“

She needed to feel herself first, own her body before she could let him near her. 

„That’s hot“, he whispered, his boner getting harder in her hand and mouth. 

Rubbing herself with her right hand she used her left hand and her mouth to get as deep as possible. She alternated between deep throating, licking up his shaft, sucking his balls and using her index finger to rub between his balls and bum. She held his penis in her mouth while licking the tip for a moment as she felt close to coming. „I want you“, she said, releasing a lot of saliva as she let go of his penis. 

Wordlessly united he knelt between her as she lay back on the pillows. Slowly he entered her; first the tip, watching her face. It felt tighter than she remembered and so she breathed deeply and exhaled in orderte relax. „It’s fine“, she reassured him. She used her legs to pull him closer. He felt big and incredible and it filled her in more ways than just physically. Instantly she licked her fingers and began rubbing her clit. „I’m going to come“, she exhaled and within minutes she had. „Wow“, she said stunned as she opened her eyes. „That was quick“, he smiled. „More!“ she laughed. 

He pulled out again and began rubbing the tip of his penis on her clit. She was still incredibly sensitive. Her body was yearning with desire. „I want you in me“, she said again. Reaching down she noticed she was dry again. 

Grabbing the lube she massaged herself as she watched him masturbating. 

He re-entered her. She felt wanton, desired, incredibly sexy and so she propped herself up; „I want to ride you.“ He leant back on the couch and she crawled towards him. She could feel her incredibly milk-heavy boobs hanging lopsided and sore. But it didn’t matter. She licked up his penis again: she tasted fine. This too had been one of her many concerns. 

She decided she thought too much and too many things.

Straddling him she guided his penis into her lubed vagina. She rode him hard straight away, rubbing her clit, her boobs bouncing up and down like watermelons in a bag. She twisted his nipples and threw her head back. This man wants me, why have any inhibitions? 

Her pudgy stomach was irrelevant, her dimpled bottom ignored in these throes of passion, the bags under her eyes reciprocated by a husband and father in a similar situation. 

As she bounced up and down, harder and harder she felt a love so deep inside her that the orgasm gained in strength. „Uh, I’m gonna come,“ he moaned. She stopped bouncing, he held her bum and thrust from below as she nibbled and licked his ear. He exploded into her and still rubbing her clit she moaned „oh god, don’t stop, I’m coming too.“ A surge of heat pulsed through her body. Slumping onto him she could already feel it dribbling out of her. „I’d really like to be all romantic right now, but…“ Matt laughed; „go, go.“

Ah, how sexy sex could be!


What has your postpartum sex life looked like? It can be very difficult returning to a healthy rhythm following birth. Mothers* face challenges accepting their new bodies, the thoughts that revolve around having a newborn baby and so much more. Partners* face the new dynamics and perhaps not having as much time with their partners as before. 

Whatever it looks like, it is important to listen to your body whilst also having empathy for your partner. Communication is key. Be aware of your mental and physical health. When you’re ready, take time for each other. Little steps.

* The male form (instead of male and female) used on this website and in all integrated documents refers equally to female individuals. It is due simply to easier legibility.

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