A short, erotic story about a group of bisexual women that come together in a hotel room to experience female pleasure: uninhibited, hair-down, pro-active pleasure! The narrator wants you to be daring, so go on: have a read!

A short, erotic story about female pleasure and bisexuality

Have you really explored your female pleasure? Is bisexuality something you've considered? Then you're in the right place. Because sexuality is not black and white, and it's in those shadows, that grey area where you'll find what you're looking for!

The tension hangs in the air like simmering heat on concrete in the summer. Awkward, shifting bodies – staccato, aloft small talk and the not so silent hope for raunchy, hair-down, uninhibited sensual pleasure mingles with the perfumes of the ladies.

Observe the lady over there. The one with the white trousers. She’s been lusting over that lady there; the one with the white top. I wonder what they’ll be getting up to this evening?

Oh, I think that’s making them blush. Apologies.

So look over this way a minute. Yes, this way. A little more. That’s it. This woman here. This woman with her bright, quick eyes. This enchantress in black. Ah, yes. She’s wearing black.

I can tell you that black suits her far better than white; inside and out. Her enigmatic aura makes hearts race and hands damp. She is clouded by a gravitational pull, begging you to drag her into the shadows, all skin and heat.

But I digress.

You’re not here for descriptions of clothes or people. You’re here for the action. Am I right?

This lady. Let’s call her Ava. She’s taking initiative. Bold. Observe how she’s edged closer to Sophia. Their hands are only centimeters away from one another.

Observe her mouth.

She’s saying: „I’ve been watching you all evening. Your presence has captivated each inch of my skin and I want nothing more than to tear your clothes off and lick you from top to bottom.“

But instead, she says, „You’re Sophia, right?“

Now, let’s have a well-deserved break here a moment and roll the terms female desire around in our mouths. Isn’t it wonderful, that we can explore ourselves, establish our needs and wishes and communicate our desires?

Female pleasure needs to be pro-active.

What do you think would happen if these women here spoke their truths?

Shall we find out?

Let’s skip to the good part.

Female pleasure needs to be pro-active.

„Sophia,“ Ava purrs, „I can’t help myself. May I stroke your neck?“

Sophia doesn’t look surprised. You could slice their sexual energy with a knife.

„Yes, please.“

And with that, Sophia and Ava are kissing, stroking, their hands instantly exploring.

Shall we stay with Ava and Sophia?

No, let me move your attention over to these two ladies. They’ve made the first move too. They’re discussing what they like. Turns out they’re both into a bit of spanking and pinching. Notice how the love bite on her neck is dark purple. Pay attention to her nails dragging up the thighs, her fingers covering the vulva, the underwear wet with longing, the skirt hitched up. 

Am I making you uncomfortable? I hope not. Because there’s more.

You might not have noticed, but three ladies have moved to the bathroom. One of them is sat on the sink, with the other between her legs. She is munching the hell out of that freshly waxed pussy. Do you like it waxed? Are you bothered when that lust takes over and all you know is you want to experience heat rushing through your body? The third lady has her leg up beside the lady being eaten out. How does she do that? That toy she’s holding on her delicious vulva? A clit sucker. The finest. You know it’s only a matter of moments until she blows. She’s finding it harder and harder to continue kissing „lady sat on the sink“.

I tell you what, there is so much going on right now that I’ll just give you the actions.

Let’s allow your brain to puzzle the ladies together.

A short, erotic story about female pleasure and bisexuality

Three women on the bed.

One on all fours.

One rimming a butthole.

One with a vibrator. 

The woman on all fours is full and her noises suggest she’s extremely happy about it.

Two women by the couch.

One bent over.

Nipples quivering.

One with a riding crop.

The woman with the crop is dripping from her pussy.

One woman on a sofa chair.


Consensually of course.

With her hand on her pussy.

And her mind in the gutter.

Four women.

And this is where the logistics get tricky.

Let’s just say you want in on that action.

Get in line.

And last but not least; our woman in black.

Where has she gone?


I see.

She’s waiting.

On the other side of the room.

There’s a woman that she’s watching.

Has been watching.

There’s a rope of tantalising suspense between them. I reckon they’re both ripe to cum the second they touch each other.

The tension has been gnawing at them all night. 

Approaching each other, eyes locked and bodies in sync, they choose a couch. They don’t kiss at first. A cacophony of moans escape from their mouths as they lay side by side, barely touching, teasing solely with their presence. The woman in black retrieves a strap-on.

Now, you and I both know the next scene is going to be too explicit for me to tell you about and you’re clearly too worked up to hear it.

So let me leave you with this:

dare to do it. Dare to say what you want. Dare to live out your pleasures. The woman in black with her strap-on will find you. Or perhaps you‘re that woman?


This story was inspired by the SkirtClub (a female-only members club, which creates a safe space for women to explore their sexuality and female pleasure).

Too many women are stifled by what society dictates us to be and we often aren’t fully aware of what female pleasure really feels like for us. So dare to find out. When you know what you like, you will be set free!

Another story about coming out, female pleasure and bisexuality here: Discipline, Darling.

Or buy GIVE IT TO ME! by Lisa Opel where you’ll find a plethora of inspiration!

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