Erotic discount codes for you!

We all need a bit of a push and helping hand when figuring out our love lives so here are some erotic discount codes for some of my absolute favorite companies that I 100% vouch for!

pleasepinchmehard erotic discount codes

GetCheex (ENG/DE/NL) | PAID but has a free trial

CHEEX is a new community for everyone who is curious about sexual stimulation and education. Beyond that it is a space that meets women’s needs when looking for pornography. They strive to depict sexuality in a way that is close to reality: diverse, fun and consensual

With unlimited access to erotic films, audio stories, and education (including workshops and how-to’s) for everyone. 

Use my discount code PLEASEPINCHMEHARD for a free 7-Day Trial period when you sign up for a subscription.


Fun Factory GmbH is a German manufacturer of erotic toys, specializing in dildos, vibrators, and love balls made of high-quality silicone.

Made in Germany. Order safely & easily.

Use my discount code PLEASEPINCHMEHARD15 for your 15% discount

Browse here: FUNFACTORY

Beducated is your online safe space to explore all things sex & relationships! With 100+ Online Courses created by the world’s top experts. With courses such as Libido & Desire, Back to your body, Yoni Massage, Open relationships, Burlesque, Fisting, Breast massage, Roadmap to intimacy, Choking, Kinky sex, Relationship building, Sensual kissing, and much, much more!

Sign up with my discount code PLEASEPINCHMEHARD for your 40% discount

The discount code is valid for life, meaning if you renew the subscription, you will continue to receive the discounted price.

Browse here: BEDUCATED with discount code

Female Pleasure Society bietet natürliche Produkte für den weiblichen Körper. Zur Förderung des Lustempfindens und Pflege des Intimbereichs.

Female Pleasure Society offers natural products for the female body. To enhance desire and care for intimate areas.

Read my article about their pleasure elixir here.

Enter my code PINCHME20 at checkout for your 15% discount

Browse here: fps-store

OHMY! FANTASY offers date boxes with diverse themes for solo use and with a partner. Such as anal play for beginners, squirting, bondage play, slow sex, body painting, spanking, role play, and much much more!

Currently available in Germany only.

Enter my code PINCHMEHARD at checkout for your 10% discount

Browse here: OHMY! FANTASY with discount code

Do you have questions regarding toys, pleasure boxes, education, and more? Feel free to contact me via yes(at) or my contact form. 

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