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My personality is one that does not do well with multiple friendships. I like few and loyal ones. That having been said, I am sometimes quick to jump in head first and have a honeymoon phase (not so great as I find myself upset when it lessens and that phase ends).

Lately, a few friendships had me angry, frustrated and feeling a little unloved. After much deliberation I decided it was me making myself feel this way as I realized my friend was fine. And so, I decided to loosen my grip. Along the lines of „If you love something, let it go“ I stopped taking everything too personally and stopped apologizing, running after them and always offering myself fully and entirely. It had been sucking me dry, and it was my own fault.

Surely enough, this was the right thing to do. I opened myself to the possibility of other friendships and encounters and it did me the world of good. So, I will continue this path.

It’s difficult making new friends in today’s times. Also my lack of work elsewhere means I don’t have regular contact to others, which is frustrating as it would be wonderful to hear of other people’s lives. However, where I can I strike up conversations and so far I’ve been able to make new acquaintances.

Read more about the eight topics I am exploring in this self-experiment to regain my libido, relationship and happiness!

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