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Embark on a transformative journey of collective healing, delve into the intricacies of womb health, and explore the profound connections between mind, body, and soul with the holistic therapy offered by Wilde Urnatur. This empowering experience extends beyond conventional boundaries, fostering female liberation and celebrating the holistic essence of well-being. Marissa Cosma Vitelli from Wilde Urnatur is redefining the narrative around women's health, embracing a comprehensive approach that encompasses the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of feminine vitality with the integration of Maya wisdom.

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In this article, I’ll be sharing my personal insights and feelings about Maya Womb Medicine, a workshop I recently visited by Wilde Urnatur (Marissa Cosma Vitelli) about holistic healing, womb health and women’s well-being. Expect some buzzwords and impulses (not solutions), not just for show, but to get you thinking about these concepts. I want you to connect with the ideas on a personal level. 

Marissa Cosma Vitelli: Guiding the Journey to Women’s Holistic Healing

Marissa Cosma Vitelli, the driving force behind Wilde Urnatur, leads a transformative journey into the realm of women’s holistic health. With a mission to revive forgotten wisdom, she intertwines shamanic worldviews with modern holistic herbal medicine, nurturing an awakening of empowered femininity. Wilde Urnatur envisions a liberated future for women, armed with self-empowered knowledge to live harmoniously with themselves and nature.

Drawing from natural women’s health, holistic herbalism, and diverse cultural healing practices, Wilde Urnatur offers a foundation for personalized self-care. In the midst of our hectic lives, Marissa encourages reconnecting with our inner selves, crafting medicines from the wild expanses—a poignant reminder that nature is our ultimate pharmacy.

Wilde Urnatur, advocating for responsible healing and rejecting narrow diagnoses, stands as a sanctuary for those seeking holistic, naturopathic solutions tailored to women’s specific needs. Marissa’s approach emphasizes self-awareness and rejects the notion that mainstream medications always lead to profound healing. 

As women embrace their unique medicine, Wilde Urnatur becomes a guiding light on a transformative journey back to the roots of women’s wisdom and the profound healing power of the earth.

Photo of Marissa Cosma Vitelli by Severin Koller for Wilde Urnatur

Photo of Marissa Cosma Vitelli by Severin Koller for Wilde Urnatur (http://severinkoller.com/photography/portraits/marissa-cosma-vitelli/)

Introduction: Breaking Through Preconceptions

In the not-so-distant past, I found myself dismissing spirituality with a nonchalant wave, rooted in my upbringing in the realm of standard Western medicine. My journey began with a certain skepticism, harboring personal prejudices towards alternative healing methods and unconventional approaches to understanding our bodies. Despite holding no principled objections to these alternative paths of healing, a subtle prejudice lingered within me, a remnant of the deeply ingrained norms of my medical background. 

Little did I know that this predisposition would be challenged and ultimately shattered during a recent transformative experience in the realm of Maya Womb Medicine. The workshop not only broadened my perspective but also ignited a curiosity to explore the uncharted territories of healing beyond the confines of my conventional medical mindset.

Unveiling the Mayan Tapestry: Heritage, Religion, and Collective Healing

The Maya, an ancient civilization whose legacy continues to captivate, left an indelible mark on history with their rich heritage and intricate cosmology. Hailing from Mesoamerica, the Maya civilization thrived for centuries, and their achievements spanned architecture, mathematics, astronomy, and agriculture. 

In their religious beliefs, the Maya held a complex pantheon of gods, and their spiritual practices often involved rituals, ceremonies, and a profound connection to the cycles of nature. The Maya’s written language, hieroglyphs, illuminated their sacred texts, providing insights into their myths, cosmology, and historical events. Intricately woven into their daily lives, these cultural facets contribute to the mystique surrounding the Maya, inviting us to explore the depths of their heritage and spiritual wisdom.

Maya women, integral to the fabric of their society, played multifaceted roles that reflected both strength and resilience. In the familial sphere, they were caretakers and nurturers, guiding the upbringing of children and maintaining the hearth. Beyond the household, Maya women contributed significantly to the economic life of their communities, engaging in activities like weaving, pottery, and trade. 

Moreover, they held spiritual importance, with some women attaining the esteemed status of priestesses, participating in religious ceremonies and preserving cultural rituals. Despite the challenges of their time, Maya women left an enduring legacy through their diverse contributions, showcasing a profound intersection of familial, economic, and spiritual roles within the tapestry of Maya civilization.

Within the Maya community, a profound sense of interconnectedness and shared experiences bound the women together. The communal spirit among Maya women was evident in their collaborative efforts, whether in agricultural tasks, crafting, or child-rearing. The communal gatherings and women-centric rituals fostered a supportive network where shared wisdom was passed down through generations. This sense of community extended beyond familial ties, creating a collective understanding of womanhood, its challenges, and its triumphs. 

Through celebrations and rites of passage, Maya women found strength in unity, reinforcing their bonds and contributing to a vibrant, interconnected community where the essence of womanhood was celebrated and nurtured collectively.

Christiane Northrup Quote “Every woman who heals herself, helps heal all women who came before her, and all those who come after her.”

Nurturing Sisterhood: Contrasting Approaches to Collective Healing in Western Society and Maya Culture 

The discussion of collective trauma takes on a poignant significance, particularly for women, as we recognize the profound power within our shared experiences. In the tapestry of collective trauma, women possess a unique strength to heal one another across temporal dimensions—past, present, and future. 

This contrasts with the societal narrative in the West, where women often find themselves unwittingly pitted against each other in competitive frameworks. Maya culture, in stark contrast, embraces a communal approach to healing. In their understanding, the collective power of shared experiences becomes a source of strength, fostering unity among women. 

By acknowledging and transcending collective trauma together, Maya women exemplify a profound sisterhood, standing as a poignant contrast to the divisive narratives prevalent in certain Western societal constructs. 

Beyond Sorcery: Redefining Spirituality and Witchcraft

The pervasive stigma attached to spirituality and witchcraft often arises from a place of deep-seated distrust and fundamental misunderstanding. In many societies, there exists a tendency to label any soul-healing practices as sorcery, perpetuating a narrative that distances individuals from holistic approaches to well-being. Contrary to these misconceptions, Maya medicine recognizes the profound interconnectedness between the mind and body. Within their healing philosophy, ailments of the mind carry equal weight and importance as those of the body. 

Maya culture doesn’t stigmatize practices associated with spiritual healing; instead, it embraces a holistic understanding of wellness that acknowledges the intricate balance between mental and physical health. By dispelling misconceptions and embracing a more nuanced perspective, we can forge a path towards holistic healing that acknowledges the profound unity of mind, body, and spirit.

The Triad of Feminine Power: Heart, Mind, and Uterus Connection

Delving into the intricate connection between the heart, mind, and uterus is paramount for women, unveiling a profound impact on our lives when we conscientiously explore and comprehend the essence of womanhood on physical, emotional, and holistic planes. 

This exploration aligns seamlessly with the holistic principles of Maya Womb Medicine, a transformative approach championed by Wilde Urnatur. Acknowledging this symbiotic relationship empowers women to navigate their journeys with a heightened awareness, fostering a holistic understanding of self. 

Embracing the teachings of Wilde Urnatur’s Maya Womb Medicine not only facilitates a deeper connection with our physical and emotional landscapes but also aligns with the essence of holistic wellness, paving the way for women to reclaim their innate power and wisdom. 

Channeling Energies: Rituals, Circles, and Self-Care

Navigating the energies within our bodies is a transformative journey, and Wilde Urnatur, under the guidance of Marissa Cosma Vitelli, unveils profound insights into this intricate process. Understanding the origins of our energies and learning to harmonize them is pivotal for holistic well-being. This can encompass diverse rituals, offering a spectrum of practices—from regular visits to the gym to relishing solitary meals or more specifically participating in empowering women’s circles. These rituals, curated by Wilde Urnatur, act as conduits for channeling energies, fostering balance and vitality. Marissa’s guidance encourages individuals to explore and embrace rituals that resonate with their unique energies, providing a holistic roadmap for well-being that extends beyond physical exercise, encompassing the nourishment of the mind and spirit. With Wilde Urnatur’s approach, individuals embark on a transformative journey to harness and channel energies, unlocking the door to a balanced and vibrant life.

The Correlation of the Uterus with the Center of Our Bodies

At the core of our being, the uterus stands as more than a physical organ; it emerges as the profound center of energy and femininity. This sacred space, intricately linked to the very essence of womanhood, radiates a unique energy that extends beyond the physical realm. In recognizing the correlation of the uterus as the center of our bodies, we unlock a powerful understanding of our feminine energy, resonating through every facet of our existence. It is a nexus of vitality, creativity, and the very source of our life force. Embracing this connection becomes a transformative journey, and through this awareness, we open ourselves to the rich tapestry of our womanhood, embracing the energy that emanates from the core of our being.

Self-Regulation: Listening to Our Bodies and Emotional Sickness

In the rhythm of our daily lives, the art of self-regulation emerges as a delicate dance—one that we often overlook or rush through. How frequently do we silence the whispers of our bodies until they crescendo into urgent cries? Picture the times we sprint through life, leaping from one commitment to the next, neglecting the nuanced signals our bodies send. It’s akin to sipping water from a fire hydrant—overwhelming and unsustainable. Imagine the emotional toll this may take, an unexplored realm where we seldom allow ourselves the necessary moments to navigate potential emotional sickness. Self-regulation invites reflection: How can we attune ourselves to the subtleties of our physical and emotional well-being, slowing down to listen and respond before the whispers become urgent pleas? The journey of self-regulation beckons us to pause, allowing the wisdom of our bodies to guide us through the delicate balance of life.

The Power of Vulnerability: Opening Up in a Safe Space

In the sacred space curated by Marissa Cosma Vitelli, I witnessed a profound collective vulnerability that unfolded like petals unfurling in the gentlest breeze. Within the circle of 14 women, there was an unspoken agreement to peel back layers, exposing not only the shadows of our fears and worries but also the radiant glow of our sincere hopes. Marissa’s leadership in these sharing circles was nothing short of masterful; she skillfully channeled the ebb and flow of emotions, creating a safe haven for authenticity. The power of these moments lay not just in the revelation of individual struggles but in the shared understanding that we were not alone in our journeys. It was a testament to the strength found in collective vulnerability, a poignant reminder of the healing potential that arises when we open our hearts to each other.

The Actual Physical Aspect of Our Uterus

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of our bodies. Ever wondered how the position of your uterus can influence your everyday life? Well, it turns out, it’s a real game-changer. Picture this: the way your uterus is situated can impact your menstrual cycle, potentially making those monthly visits less of a hassle. But it doesn’t stop there. It also plays a role in your sex life—how comfortable and enjoyable it is. Think of it like the conductor of your body’s symphony, influencing the balance of energy within. Understanding these basics not only gives you insights into your body but also puts you in the driver’s seat of your own well-being.

The Transformative Role of Fajas

Fajas, deeply rooted in Latin American and Caribbean cultures, have evolved beyond mere fashion statements to become instrumental in supporting women’s health. These garments, also known as waist trainers or shapewear, serve a crucial role in providing structural support to the abdomen and back. Widely used postpartum, fajas offer gentle compression, aiding in the recovery process after childbirth by providing necessary support to the abdominal muscles. Additionally, they have been embraced for their potential benefits in promoting better posture and alleviating back pain. As women navigate various stages of life, fajas can be a supportive tool in promoting physical well-being, contributing to a sense of comfort and stability. It’s noteworthy that the emphasis is shifting towards the health-oriented aspects of fajas, recognizing their potential beyond aesthetics to provide tangible benefits for women’s overall well-being.

Mindfulness Beyond the Bubble Bath: Reconnecting with Roots

In our modern hustle, the term “mindfulness” has become a ubiquitous buzzword, often losing its essence in the cacophony of daily life. I contend that its difficulty lies in its lack of roots—a disconnection from our heritage, Mother Nature, and the earth. The prevalent concept of self-care, often reduced to materialistic acts, falls short of nurturing our wild, authentic selves. Mindfulness, however, deserves a revival as more than a fleeting trend. It’s not just about solo meditation or indulging in a bubble bath; it’s a collective and wild practice that transcends individual acts. True healing unfolds when we mindfully engage with our bodies, and the journey becomes richer when shared and learned collectively. So, let’s go beyond the superficial and reawaken mindfulness as a profound, rooted practice that connects us to our essence and each other.

Ideas on re-connecting with our roots and Mother Nature:
Nature Retreats and Gatherings: Foster mindfulness by organizing or participating in retreats and gatherings in natural settings. Whether it’s a weekend camping trip, a hike in the mountains, or a simple day at the beach, being in nature collectively enhances the mindfulness experience.

Community Mindfulness Sessions: Create or join local mindfulness groups where individuals come together to practice mindfulness techniques. This could include guided meditation sessions, yoga classes, or even shared moments of quiet reflection. The collective energy of the group amplifies the impact of mindfulness.

Cultural Heritage Workshops: Reconnect with roots and heritage by attending workshops that delve into cultural practices emphasizing mindfulness. This could involve learning traditional arts, participating in rituals, or engaging in practices that have been passed down through generations. 

These activities not only foster mindfulness but also strengthen a sense of belonging and connection to one’s cultural identity.

Seeking the Past, Embracing Turmoil, and Connecting with Our Center

In order to re-connect we must spend that time seeking our past, going through the feelings and turmoil and difficult emotions. We must connect with our centre, where our body stores all energy.

Some individuals may find solace and guidance in seeking therapy, either on an individual basis or collectively as part of a group process. Therapy provides a structured and supportive environment to navigate the complexities of self-discovery. Beyond traditional avenues, alternative paths to healing might involve engaging in artistic expression, such as journaling, painting, or dance, as a means to delve into emotions and uncover hidden aspects of oneself. Connecting with nature through activities like hiking or gardening can also serve as a therapeutic avenue, allowing individuals to find grounding and reconnect with their inner selves. The key is to explore diverse approaches, finding what resonates personally, whether it’s through introspective practices, communal activities, or a blend of both.

Mysteries of the Moon: Unveiling the Cosmic Tapestry of Ix Chel, Mayan Goddess of Fertility and Healing 

Ix Chel, the Mayan goddess of the moon, fertility, and healing, embodies the intricate tapestry of feminine power and cosmic influence in Mayan mythology. Often depicted as a maiden, mother, and wise crone, Ix Chel is a multifaceted deity associated with the moon’s various phases. As the weaver of life, she symbolizes creation and destruction, guiding the cycles of birth, growth, and decay. Revered as a healer, Ix Chel is sought for her ability to bring relief from ailments, particularly those related to women’s health and childbirth. Her sacred associations with water connect her to the vital essence of life and the flowing currents of emotion. Ix Chel’s rich mythology reflects the profound interconnectedness of nature, femininity, and the celestial realm in the Mayan cosmology, making her a revered figure embodying the cycles of existence and the mysteries of creation.

Allowing Ourselves to Be Physically Healed by Others

On the path to healing, there’s this interesting idea of letting others help through touch without expecting anything specific. It makes us think about how our soul, body, and mind are all connected. In the Wilde Urnatur workshop, we went into these thoughts, asking ourselves where true healing really starts and talking to our uterus. 

During a practical part of the workshop, something surprising happened: my body didn’t want to be touched by others, which was unusual for me. It made me realize that, for the first time, I was really paying attention to how my body felt. This might happen because of different reasons—maybe I was more sensitive in that moment, some emotions were coming up, or perhaps my body needed a more personal kind of healing. 

It shows how complex our connection with touch is and how it’s tied to our emotions. The Wilde Urnatur workshop helped us explore these feelings, giving us a chance to understand the dance between touch and genuine healing.

The Belief in Women Healing Women

In my belief, there’s an extraordinary power in women healing women. We possess a unique understanding of each other’s experiences, connecting through shared heritage, and resonating with the echoes of female rage and pain. This shared sisterhood creates a space where empathy thrives, providing a nurturing environment for healing. 

Women inherently comprehend the nuanced struggles and triumphs woven into the fabric of womanhood, fostering a solidarity that transcends words. It’s a collective strength that springs from the recognition of our shared journey, enabling us to be pillars of support for one another. 

This profound connection is a source of resilience, empowering women to navigate the complexities of life with shared wisdom, empathy, and an unwavering sisterhood that extends beyond the bounds of language and culture.

Revitalizing Feminine Wellness: Exploring the Ancient Art of Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming, a practice rooted in ancient traditions, involves using herbal steam to nurture and revitalize the vagina and reproductive organs. Also known as vaginal steaming or V-steaming, this holistic approach has gained popularity for its potential benefits. 

During a yoni steam, a woman sits over a pot of herbal-infused steam, allowing the medicinal properties of the herbs to be absorbed by the tissues. Advocates claim it can promote menstrual health, alleviate cramps, and enhance fertility. While opinions on its efficacy vary, many appreciate yoni steaming as a self-care ritual, providing a moment for women to reconnect with their bodies and honor the ancient wisdom surrounding feminine well-being. 

As with any wellness practice, it’s essential for individuals to explore and choose methods that resonate with their own bodies and experiences.

The Revolution and Evolution of Women’s Health

We stand on the cusp of a revolutionary shift in women’s health, ushering in an era where the mind, body, and soul are reconnecting on both personal and collective levels. It signifies the dawn of a time where spaces are opening up, providing sanctuaries for women to freely commune without the shadow of threat, fostering a rekindling of our feminine essence. In this transformative moment, intentionality becomes a guiding force, and trusting our instincts paves the way for profound personal and communal growth. 

All energies converge at the epicenter of our being—the uterus—a sacred space that not only gives life but serves as the wellspring of ideas and creativity. Our menstrual cycle, unfolding through four distinct phases, becomes a compass, guiding us to embrace the full spectrum of feelings and facilitating developmental cycles. 

As we navigate this evolution, we embark on a journey where the feminine vibe is not only reclaimed but celebrated, offering a harmonious fusion of intention, trust, and the innate energies emanating from the core of womanhood.


For more about Marissa Cosma Vitelli, check out her webpage: https://www.wildeurnatur.at/

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