La Dolce Vulva Statement Socks

La Dolce Vulva: Socks with a Powerful Message and Mission

Photo of the La Dolce Vulva statement socks in diverse versions

© Photo from the La Dolce Vulva webpage.

La Dolce Vulva: Stepping Beyond Beauty Norms - Join the Empowering Sock Movement for Self-Love, Awareness, and Vulva Acceptance with Every Stride

Read about why Lisa Opel wore La Dolce Vulva socks to her TEDx Frankfurt talk. Click here.

In a world where fashion often speaks volumes about one’s personality, a new and inspiring trend is emerging, driven by the founder of La Dolce Vulva, Alexander Nicolaus. It’s a trend that combines style with a powerful message of empowerment and self-acceptance. 

Meet “La Dolce Vulva” – a statement sock collection that is redefining fashion and societal norms.

The Statement

La Dolce Vulva socks are more than just a fashion statement; they are a celebration of diversity, acceptance, and self-love. These socks proudly feature an artistic depiction of a vulva, boldly challenging society’s unrealistic beauty standards associated with the female genitalia. The phrase “La Dolce Vulva” beautifully encapsulates the essence of the collection, translating to “The Sweet Vulva.” It’s a sweet reminder that beauty comes in all forms.

The Vision Behind “La Dolce Vulva”

Alexander Nicolaus, the visionary founder, saw a powerful opportunity when he created “La Dolce Vulva.” He realized that it was time to shine a spotlight on this movement and dedicate the attention it deserves. The brand has now transitioned from MSTRY to “La Dolce Vulva,” symbolizing a new beginning and a commitment to supporting the cause of vulva awareness and self-love.

Supporting a Greater Cause

Every sock purchased from the “La Dolce Vulva” collection contributes to the Freiburger Kollektiv Vulvaversity, an organization dedicated to breaking the stigma and promoting awareness of the vulva. The funds generated from these sock sales help Vulvaversity provide free educational resources, such as vulva museums and calendars, to foster enlightenment and understanding.

Sustainability at Its Core

Founder Alexander Nicolaus takes sustainability seriously. These statement socks are made from 75% Hydrocycled® cotton, which would otherwise be discarded, in Portugal. The cotton scraps are collected, sorted by color, and incorporated into the new sock yarn without the need for dyeing. This eco-conscious approach reflects a commitment to both fashion and the environment.

Taking a Stand Against Vulva Shaming

“La Dolce Vulva” isn’t just about making a fashion statement; it’s about making a social impact. In collaboration with, a prominent online portal, this initiative takes a stand against vulva shaming and challenges unrealistic beauty ideals. 

Fighting Unrealistic Beauty Standards and Labioplasty Statistics

In a society where media and the pornography industry often shape unrealistic beauty ideals, “La Dolce Vulva” stands up against the pressure to conform. The initiative aims to encourage women to embrace their natural selves, free from stereotypes and media influences. 

The shocking statistics of labioplasty, with a dramatic year-on-year increase of up to 24%, are a stark reminder of the damaging effects of these ideals. 

Many individuals, especially women, are resorting to surgical procedures due to the unrealistic standards perpetuated by media and the porn industry. “La Dolce Vulva” seeks to dismantle these unrealistic ideals and empower individuals to love and accept their bodies as they are.

The Power of Community Support

The impact of “La Dolce Vulva” has been remarkable. The initial launch of the campaign saw the first batch of socks selling out within days, raising approximately 1,800 euros for the cause. Now, a new edition of 4,000 limited socks is available to spread the message even further. In addition, the collection has expanded to include unisex sweaters and t-shirts.

La Dolce Vulva: A Catalyst for Change

By rebranding from MSTRY to “La Dolce Vulva,” this initiative is making waves in promoting vulva awareness and self-love. It serves as a testament to the power of fashion to create a positive and lasting change in society. Alexander Nicolaus, the founder, believes that it’s essential to destigmatize vulvas and female sexuality, and “La Dolce Vulva” is an essential step in that direction.

“La Dolce Vulva” is more than a collection of statement socks; it’s a movement. It’s a fashion statement with a powerful message and a mission to promote acceptance, self-love, and awareness. With every sock you wear and every purchase you make, you’re supporting a cause that celebrates diversity, challenges unrealistic beauty standards, and empowers individuals to love their bodies as they are. Step into the world of “La Dolce Vulva” and wear your support for a brighter and more inclusive future.

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Find the statement socks and more here.

Photo of the La Dolce Vulva statement SET with socks in diverse versions
Photo of the La Dolce Vulva T-Shirt

© Photo from the La Dolce Vulva webpage.

Why Lisa Opel wore La Dolce Vulva statement socks to her TEDx Talk

Wearing “La Dolce Vulva” socks to my TED Talk was a profoundly personal and symbolic choice, rooted in my own journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As a writer who intimately understands the complexities that women face, especially mothers, in their path towards rediscovering their identity and sexuality, these socks held a special significance.

These socks, adorned with an artistic representation of the vulva and the message “La Dolce Vulva,” became a part of my attire with a clear intention. They were more than just fashion; they were a statement of solidarity with the mission of Alexander Nicolaus and Vulvaversity and a challenge to the unrealistic beauty standards placed upon the female body. I chose them as a reminder to my audience that embracing the diversity and uniqueness of every vulva is the first step toward self-love and acceptance.

My TED Talk was a platform to inspire change, and these socks served as a visual representation of my commitment to helping women overcome societal insecurities and expectations. They conveyed the message that every individual, irrespective of their gender, possesses a beautiful and unique vulva, and that embracing this diversity is crucial for promoting self-love and body positivity.

Wearing “La Dolce Vulva” socks was a powerful statement, aligning with my message of empowerment, self-acceptance, and liberation. They underscored my unwavering dedication to assisting women in navigating the uncharted waters of personal growth, sexual liberation, and evolving relationships. These socks, chosen from a place of courage, symbolized the transformative potential within every woman and conveyed that real empowerment starts with self-love.

In my perspective, these socks were more than just a fashion choice; they were a declaration that change begins with embracing and celebrating the natural beauty of the vulva. They made my TED Talk all the more impactful, resonating with the message I passionately shared with my audience, that self-discovery and self-acceptance are the keys to personal and sexual liberation.



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