5 reasons why you should read erotica

Give your libido a boost with written or audio erotica

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Firstly, what is erotica or erotic literature?

Sex stories are also known as erotica, erotic fiction or adult fiction.

There are different forms of erotica:

  1. Written erotica
  2. Audio erotica
  3. Visual erotica (that is not porn) i.e. paintings, sculptures etc


Let us dispel the myth that erotica is porn. Where there is a space for porn for men and for women (or any gender orientation), erotica is about telling a story and exciting the mind. Porn generally has little to no character development or plot and is solely for visual stimulation. There is a direct sexual gratification when watching porn whereas erotica opens the paths of sexual discovery, empathising with a character and gradually building sexual arousal.

The writers of porn are invested in quickly triggering your state of arousal through explicit imagery. Writers of erotica want you to invest time creating the person in your head with your own images and emotions so that when it gets to the sex scene your mind has created a whole web of emotions to feed off. Moreover, it should be a long-term state of arousal that you can recall seeing you put in the work to empathise with the characters.

Furthermore: short erotic stories are popular amongst women (and yes, it is a cliché but in many ways true) as women often need mental arousal and stimulation (bear in mind our brain is the biggest sex organ). It releases honeymoon feelings (dopamine & serotonin), which leaves the reader/listener feeling liberated, refreshed and excited.

With porn addiction rapidly on the rise people are looking for other ways to energise the pleasure section of their brains. Throw a pandemic on top, lack of social interactions and thrills (even flirts fall short when you are wearing a mask) and our bodies are missing out on vital triggers. Whilst running a marathon or HIIT may seem great for some, reading erotica or listening to audio erotica will stimulate those parts of your brain just as intensely. So put those running shoes back and have a nosy through some short erotic stories (I can recommend ours thoroughly!)

Hence, society and pop culture is looking at these new, intellectual ways to relieve ourselves of the humbug of our routine days and enlighten us in regards to sexual practices, social empathy and in the development of our sexuality.

FUN FACT: also a form of sexual entertainment is ribaldry. It uses humour and sexuality to poke fun as to break with taboos in a light-hearted fashion.

What are some of the misconceptions & myths surrounding erotica?

Stable boy & Lady?

The 1920s saw the first swell of erotic literature. Normally based on the coming together of two different societal classes, Lady Chatterley and all the other wonderful period pieces showed the bonking of upper-class, married ladies with stable boys and more. We have since progressed.

Erotica is now a pot-pourri of themes, classes, sexualities, genders and races. With popular companies such as Dipsea venturing into all topics from polyamory to queer to disabilities we are witnessing the surge of equality in an otherwise white, dominant male and submissive female depiction of sexuality on-screen, in literature and pop culture in general.

Is erotica bad for you?

I can not understand for one moment why lying in bed, reading an erotic story and perhaps masturbating or having sexual relations with your partner(s) should be a bad thing.

Like with anything, addiction is where anything becomes unhealthy. But I can think of worse things than a reading addiction.

Matters change if sexual arousal inhibits your everyday ins and outs or impedes your relationships but rubbing one out with your headphones on after a long day is anything other than damaging to your health.

Is erotica toxic for relationships

On the contrary, erotica can add a new dimension to relationships. Particularly during a pandemic, the intellectual stimulus when in a routine (and/or rut) with a partner can really spice things up. More about this further down. Again, as stated above, if it causes difficulties in a relationship then help should be sought or a relationship should be ended.

Erotica is for women

Yes, it does feel like erotica was developed to stimulate women intellectually as porn used to be very monotone and focussed on male gratification. However, with the porn production shifting into high-gloss and gender equal content erotica is also a massive turn-on for men nowadays.

Where it was once considered taboo for a woman to watch porn we now have female porn producers. Where books were created so women could discreetly still their “hysteria”, men now benefit from the intellectual stimulus when porn becomes more of a turn off.

We all have brains that don’t mind a bit of stimulation; it all has nothing to do with what we do or don’t have in our pants.

Fifty shades of grey

Whilst it is wonderful that the film and book shines a light on the world of BDSM and opens erotica to pop culture, erotica is not Fifty Shades of Grey in its entirety. Without speaking badly of the book, there is much more to be discovered than the housewife’s private fantasy. The portrayal of BDSM is as such ridiculous unfortunately and misses out crucial elements of the BDSM culture (such as consent) but the book and of course commerciality of the film made people more aware of some of the things that go on behind closed doors.

However, the writers of erotica normally have a lot more knowledge of the sexual practices they write about (if they are any good!) and so you are more likely to gain invaluable information. Honestly, check out ours, it’s pretty good.

So the next time you are browsing sexy films to watch on a Friday night, stop right there and look for erotica instead. Not only will you get a wonderful story, sexy content but perhaps also a new take on sex that you had until now considered wholly terrible, perverted or wrong.

Why is erotica beneficial?

Health benefits

Reading has long had a great reputation. And it couldn’t be more relevant in these quick consumption screen devouring days. Some people have physical issues with not looking at their phone for a few hours and quite frankly, it is making our society sick.

When you immerse yourself in a book, you not only develop your memory and empathy, you also reduce your stress levels, help with depression and make your brain come alive (haven’t had that in a while, right?).

If you are an evening kind of sexual person and pick up a book instead of your phone to gain arousal, you also avoid the blue light, which decreases your sleep quality before bed.

So here we are: you stop looking at your phone so much, you reduce stress, if the characters speak to you and you gain arousal you might get physical, which is terrific on so many levels.

Our brain is the biggest sex organ and we tend to neglect it too often. So lube it up with some erotica and watch it come.


Let’s face it, sex education back in the days was not all it should have been. Although the general terms were explained, a lot more needs to be done in order for us to fully understand genitalia, sexuality, orientation, sexual practices, self-pleasure and so on and so on.

Certainly, nowadays there is better access to materials due to influencers and pop culture depicting all the things your teacher never dared to tell you, but the spectrum is huge. Erotica has helped in closing that pleasure gap.

Enough people are turning to erotica to explore new sexual practices. Not only does it open the door to diverse kinks and fetishes, which would otherwise be considered perverted or freakish, it also encourages the exploration of the self.

When we engage in erotica, we awaken the mind-body connection and allow our minds to stimulate our bodies. The erotica encourages us to deepen our knowledge of our own bodies through not only factual information but also the awareness created in regards to getting to know your body.

After that, you are in a flow and listening to erotica will help you touch yourself with a deeper knowledge of pleasure, use of toys and all the other wonderful tips erotica can enlighten us to.


Similarly, we can get into a rut with a partner. In other words, we know each other well and use the same practices and moves to get each other off. Erotica can delve deeper into fantasies (especially if read together). So not only does it stimulate, it also opens new paths on which you can venture into new experiences and fantasies you may previously not have been aware of.

When exploring erotica together it also bonds and enrichens trust. We become very vulnerable when confronted with new sexual practices and so erotic is a third party that can be spoken about without any value or judgement being placed on your own preferences or wishes.

As with anything, communication and consent is of utmost importance. Snuggling into bed and reading a sexy story instead of browsing TV is a thrilling way of blushing your way into a new roleplay or position or toy purchase.

Stay open to new things and who knows what will blow your relationship’s mind next.


Unfortunately, just as much as we weren’t given a rich enough syllabus of information regarding self-pleasure and sexual practices, we also lacked in debunking stigmas, myths and discrimination in the erotic world.

Erotica delves into all depths of BDSM, kink, queer sex and more. By re-educating sexuality through fiction we are able to destigmatize on an intellectual level. Read our short erotic story Daddy Daydream for a glimpse of some sexy and submersive submission.

If porn would shift a gear and get up to speed we would see revolutionary changes in the world. Where BDSM and kink is no longer considered perverted. Where people are not locked up for favouring one gender over another.

Erotica plays its part in achieving this by depicting all the marvellous aspects of sexuality that exist. And the beauty of it all: it plays in your head. Hence, the images you conjure, you judge. If someone who has previously discriminated is turned on by certain aspects of erotica then perhaps it will make them rethink their attitude.

Every paddle and nipple clamp helps.

Mental health

It’s no mystery that our mental health and body are integrally connected. So the stimulation of the mind correlates directly with the arousal of our body. Whilst porn is quick to make us horny and rub one out, erotica commits us long-term. There is a steady and sustainable snowball effect with erotica. We establish characters, we empathise, we grow anticipation for the raunchy scenes and we are rewarded for our patience.

Not only does it create a whole new world in our minds, it encourages us to talk about sex more as the narrative is often a constant companion that we want to share with friends. The memory of it triggers the pleasure part of our brain and so it is like a mood stone that lights up when we lend it our attention.

Additionally, the characters portrayed are realistic and diverse. All races, bodies, genders, disabilities, preferences and more are depicted and so we feel represented. A body positive erotica can aid our own view of our bodies. Reading about someone like ourselves entering passionate clinches with others makes us less self-conscious and gives us a sexy glow.

How else can erotica inspire us?

Write your own

It can be a massive turn on to put our own visions and fantasies onto paper. Whether for your own pleasure or to share with a partner. There is something magical about reading your own narrative out loud.

Be sure to avoid the typical clichés and use your own original voices and language (check out our blog post on dirty talk if that’s where you’re headed). Don’t overdo the adjectives and keep it real (perhaps no karma sutra unless you really are that strong and flexible).

Read it everywhere

Yes, you read that right. Don’t restrict yourself to your private quarters. It is naughty to a T to read erotica in hushed tones to your partner whilst sat in the park. Or alone in the train. It is steamy and will most certainly gear you up for a proper session later on.


Is there a scene or story that really did it for you? Reenact it! Set the mood, buy a costume, style yourself and try and re-enact it. Sure, it won’t be exactly the same but if you out on audio erotica you can dive in and out of it until you submerge in your own little bubble and feel the release of all that sexual anticipation and build-up.

Where can you find erotica?

There is a large body of work in the internet. Whether as e-books, in forums such as reddit or on Instagram. If you google it, it shall come. And otherwise, there are whole bodies of work in printed form. Check out this article for a few favourites.

Have we still not convinced you?

Start your journey here with us, give it a try. If you have 3 minutes time, head over to our short erotic stories and have a nosy. If it’s not your jig, you’ll know. If it is, you can thank us later!

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