Where can I find the best FREE and paid erotica online?

Audio, visual, literature, and more! Free, flirty and forbidden, explosive, exclusive erotica. Where to find it in one compact list!

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Looking for some spicy content? Check the table of contents if you're looking for something specific!

Table of Contents

Thank goodness we live in a time and age where erotica of any shape and form is available to us! Woohoo! Thank you, internet! Now we can get free erotica at the click of a button instead of stashing VHS or DVDs secretly in drawers and cupboards.

Pop your browser on private (or not!) and off we go!

But lots of people don’t know where to start, where to look.

What’s good? What’s not? Where can I find free (or kind of free) erotica?

Don’t worry, your search on where to find great erotica content ends here, with this mammoth of a list I have compiled and keep up to date for you.

Whether you’re looking for audio, amateur, fetish, kinks, visual, bdsm, sexy stories, apps to guide you through your sexuality, apps for couples, workshops, films etc.

With a short description, the type of subscription and in which languages they offer their content, browse through and enjoy.

Oh, and incase you’re having second thoughts on stimulating your mind, here are the facts:

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(featuring audio, visual, workshops and more!): A bit of everything!

Where can I find communities, information, workshops, articles, videos, audio and more?

Easy. Many companies now have a bit of everything on their pages or in their apps. Here are a few erotica pages & apps (some are free, many offer a free trial but then have paid content).

Literotica (ENG) | FREE
Top source for the hottest in erotic fiction and fantasy. Literotica features 100% original sex stories from a variety of authors (see site index). 

BDSM Café is a complete platform for any BDSM enthusiast. With short stories, resources such as how-to’s, novel and movie recommendations, chat (community) and more, it is a go-to for anyone looking into BDSM.

GetCheex (ENG/DE/NL) | PAID but has a free trial
CHEEX is a new community for everyone who is curious about sexual stimulation and education. Beyond that it is a space that meets women’s needs when looking for pornography. They strive to depict sexuality in a way that is close to reality: diverse, fun and consensual. With unlimited access to erotic films, audio stories, and education (including workshops and how-to’s) for everyone. (Use my code PLEASEPINCHMEHARD for a free 7-Day Trial period when you sign up for a yearly subscription).


What is audio erotica?
Audio erotica describes sexually explicit audio content. Many people like audio erotica because they are hands-free with all the perks of stimulating their fantasies and minds. Explore fantasies comfortably and safely. This type of stimulation is also helpful in giving you words to articulate your needs and desires in your own sex life. They are normally narrated stories available on apps or webpages. 

Here are a few for you to browse through (paid & free):

Girl on the Net (ENG) | FREE
Girl on the Net is one of the UK’s most popular sex blogs, featuring real life sex stories, sex news, guest blogs and unique sexy illustrations.

Bellesa (ENG) | FREE
Amongst other formats, Bellesa has an audio erotica podcast featuring the hottest stories from Bellesa’s exclusive erotica collection. 

Dipsea (ENG) | PAID but has a free trial | APP available
Unlock your sensuality with a subscription to an ever-growing collection of sexy audio stories, wellness sessions, and dreamy sleep scenes. Female-led. Also fun to follow on TikTok & IG.

AudioDesires (ENG, ESP, & DE) | PAID but has a free trial
Erotic audio stories for women and couples. Relatable erotic audio stories with immersive ASMR sound effects. Listen by yourself or with a partner. Kink-positive, LGBTQ+ friendly and portray people and couples of all cultural backgrounds plus sex and masturbation guides.

Femtasy (DE) | PAID but has a free trial
Audio-only, female-centric, body-neutral, kink-positive, consensual, ethical.

Classic erotic literature quote by Ernest Hemingway in Kilimanjaro


What’s the difference between erotic literature and erotica?
Erotic literature comprises fictional and factual stories and accounts of eros (passionate, romantic or sexual relationships) intended to arouse similar feelings in readers. This contrasts erotica, which focuses more specifically on sexual feelings. 

Erotic fiction has been credited in large part for the sexual awakening and liberation of women in the 20th and 21st centuries.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Many of the other pages named above in allrounders also have stories but these are more focused.


Remittance Girl (ENG) | FREE
The erotica, stories, series and novellas include themes of BDSM, bondage, fetish, threesomes, domination, submission, and rape fantasies. 

Sugar Butch Chronicles | FREE
Sinclair (they/them) is the founder and writer behind Sugarbutch Chronicles, a blog of their personal and explicit writings featuring queer sex, kink, gender, and relationships.

Girl on the Net (ENG) | FREE
Girl on the Net is one of the UK’s most popular sex blogs, featuring real life sex stories, sex news, guest blogs and unique sexy illustrations.

Bellesa (ENG) | PAID Content
Enjoy this hand-curated collection of 600+ erotic stories (including New York Times bestsellers) and audio erotica, exclusively for Bellesa Plus members, including e-books.

Berlinable (ENG) | PAID but with a free 7-day trial
An independent online publishing house in Berlin with audio erotica and over 500+ stories. My works are also featured as audio and manuscripts!

DE (German FREE & Paid Erotic Literature / Erotica Webpages):

Fem.com (DE) | FREE
ein aktuelles Lifestyle-Magazin für Frauen. Unsere Redaktion recherchiert und schreibt für die Ressorts Liebe & Lust, Gesundheit & Ernährung, Beauty und mehr mit erotischen Geschichten in Form von Romanen aber auch viele Artikel zu dem Thema Sex & Lust.

Erozuna (DE) | FREE
“Erozuna – Erotisches zur Nacht” ist ein Portal für erotische Literatur, Photographie sowie Kunst und Lifestyle. Viele männliche Autoren, aber auch einige weibliche.


The majority of these books are available on Amazon and in various languages.

Emmanuelle by Emmanuelle Arsan

The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence

Story of O by Pauline Réage

A Sport and a Pastime by James Salter

Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill

Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

Couples by John Updike

Endless Love by Scott Spencer

The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler

Three women by Lisa Taddeo

Praise by Sara Cate

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Priest by Sierra Simone

Seven Days in June by Tia Williams

The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

Neon Gods by Katee Robert

Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters

The Last Nude by Ellis Avery

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

Anonymous Sex edited by Hillary Jordan and Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

Lust by Susan Minot

Kink edited by Garth Greenwell and R.O. Kwon

Women on top of the world edited by Lucy-Anne Holmes

Anonymous sex edited by Hillary Jordan & Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

And ofcourse my book: GIVE IT TO ME! Available as an e-book, on Kindle Unlimited and paperback.

Life of the Party by Olivia Gatwood

Slug by Hollie McNish

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

The Story of O by Just Jaeckin

A quote by Scott Spencer from the book Endless Love


These are books that explore our sexuality. There are diverse topics from relationships to historical views on sexuality, analyzing our psychology to gain access to our sexual self, exploring sexual practices such as BDSM or kink, our erotic being, alternative relationship models and gender studies.

Also largely available in most online and physical bookstores.

The evolution of desire by David M. Buss

Pleasure activism by Adrienne Marie Brown

Exploring BDSM: A Workbook for Couples (or More!) Discovering Kink by Ms Morgan Thorne

Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire by Lori A. Brotto, Emily Nagoski

Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence by Esther Perel

The Come as You Are Workbook: A Practical Guide to the Science of Sex by Emily Nagoski

Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships by Christopher Ryan

You Know, Sex: Gender, Puberty, and Other Things by Cory Silverberg

Life Isn’t Binary: On Being Both, Beyond, and In-Between by Meg-John Barker & Alex Iantaffi

A Curious History of Sex by Kate Lister

The Road Less Travelled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth by M Scott Peck

Mind The Gap: The truth about desire and how to futureproof your sex life by Dr Karen Gurney 

PERV by Jesse Bering

Eight Dates by Gottmann & Abrams

Women’s Anatomy of arousal by Sheri Winston

German Educational Literature on Sexuality

Make love – Ein Aufklärungsbuch by Ann-Marlene Henning

Love your sex by Gianna Baccio

Lustfaktor by Julia Henchen

Alles über das weibliche Geschlecht by Britz & Schmitt

Zeit für Liebe: Sex, Intimität und Ekstase in Beziehungen by Diana Richardson

Wie wir lieben: Vom Ende der Monogamie by Friedemann Karig

Ohjaaa! – Journal für deine Lust by Annabell Neuhof & Julia Henchen

Where can I find FREE and paid erotica online?


For those of us who need visual stimulation to ignite our arousal, passion and desire, here are a few webpages where you can do so. The reason the majority of these are paid content is because they are ethical sites where performers are paid and treated with respect. Many are run by women. Should you be looking for something entirely free, I am not your person. Google it.


GetCheex (ENG/DE/NL) | PAID but has a free trial
See information in allrounders.

A four chambered heart (ENG) | SIGN-UP REQUIRED
Creative pornography project making short films with sex & cinema.

Erika Lust: XConfessions & Lust Cinema (ENG) | PAID
Enter the sex-positive world of Erika Lust. Watch her movies, read the online mag Lust Zine, go behind the scenes.

PinkLabel.TV (ENG) | PAID
Indie Adult Cinema by Porn Filmmakers with Feminist, Queer, and Ethical Perspectives.

BrightDesire (ENG) | PAID
Sex positive, feminist porn site that features award winning short films, real life couples, solo scenes, erotic fiction and lots more.

Beautiful Agony (ENG) | SIGN-UP REQUIRED
Dedicated to the beauty of human orgasm.

Kink.com (ENG) | FREE
A site led by serious and experienced pornographers. Offering thousands of original fetish videos and millions of pictures.


Drop-down list:

Happiest season

You, me, her



Sex education

Love sex and goop

Je mehr, desto besser





White Girl

Alex Strangelove

The Tree of Blood

Us and Them

Someone Great


Fifty Shades of Grey

Duck Butter

In the Shadow of Iris

Dry Martina

The Secretary

Lie with me

Sexual Desire

The sweet hereafter



En la Cama


Now & Later

Auftauchen (german)

The Story of O: untold pleasures

Body of evidence

9,5 weeks

Fatal Attraction

Bitter Moon

Black Snake Moan


SkirtClub (ENG)| FREE
Members Club. Females only. A private network for intellectually and sexually curious women. 

Joyclub (DE) | FREE
Germany’s largest sex and erotic community: Free sex forum, over 4 million members, dates, sex contacts, private nude photos and much more.

Lush Stories (ENG) | FREE SIGN-UP
The best online community for sex stories and erotica.

Amy Schumer Quote


Ferly (ENG) | PAID but has a free trial | APP available
Your Audio Guide To Mindful Sex. Download Ferly for free on the App Store today. Sexual Self-Care made simple, sensual and unashamedly normal. Including stories.

Rosy (ENG) | PAID but has a free trial | APP available
Rosy is the ultimate sex app for women looking to improve their sexual health and overall well-being. Rosy is PRIVATE & SECURE, accessible wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Take advantage and download Rosy at no cost to start rediscovering your sensual self. Including a community, coaches and experts. Also fabulous on Instagram!

OMGYES.com (available in many languages) | PAID One-Time Purchase
Discover new ways to increase sexual pleasure, based in new research with 20,000 women. Explore the latest science about what feels good and why – through fun, honest videos. Make a great thing better. Practical and specific.

The Havelock Clinic (ENG) | FREE & PAID
A plethora of resources with lists of questions to ask yourself to better understand your sexuality. Definite recommendation!

Emjoy (ENG) | PAID but with a free trial
Audio wellbeing and wellcare app specialized in female pleasure & sexual wellness, with science-backed content tailored to you.

Myndpaar (DE) | PAID but with a free trial
Your digital companion for you and your relationships. For more satisfaction and appreciation.


If you know of more great sex, fetish and BDSM shops in Germany, let me know! yes(at)pleasepinchmehard.com


There are many online platforms where you can purchase diverse sex toys and other paraphernalia. I advise you to visit a shop locally if you are still unsure of what you might like and ask for their advice. If you know what you want, here are some great online shops for all things erotica!

Independent, woman-owned biz. Discreet shipping. Great to follow on IG too!

More than a leading luxury pleasure brand; it’s a self-care movement that transcends gender, orientation, race, and age.

FunFactory (DE)
Sex toys made of high quality silicone – Made in Germany. Order safely & easily

Date boxes available with diverse themes for solo and with a partner. Use my code PLEASEPINCHME!

An adult card game for all those interested in exploring their kinks, fantasies and desires.


OOF: you made it to the end! That’s a lot of input you just got! I know it’s hard to find something you enjoy sometimes and it may seem like a mission but perhaps scrolling my social media and following my stories will help you get started: @pleasepinchmehard

That way, if you see something you like, you can either go explore that buzzword or message me for more info. Either way, pursue your desires and interests! Create your own fantasies! FREE & paid erotica is out there as a playground of lust for you to explore! 

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