Mrs. Lisa O. - Lust & Motherhood Online CHEEX Workshop

Tuesday, 27. September 20:00 CEST

A CHEEX workshop on how to navigate difficulties and reignite passion.

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A CHEEX Workshop with Mrs. Lisa O. from pleasepinchmehard!

Mrs. Lisa O. is a woman, mother, wife and author (not necessarily in that order). A former kinky bunny in her long-term relationship, she suddenly realised she had entirely lost her libido following the birth of her children. Faced with either divorce or the harsh reality of trying to revive her lust, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery to re-awaken her desire. 

From restructuring her lifestyle and routines to diverse approaches to redefine her own sexuality to serious conversations with her husband about their sexual relationship she revamped her entire existence.

Whilst doing so she discovered her passion: writing short, erotic stories that are straight to the point, body-positive, realistic, witty and terrifically naughty. And it didn’t end there: she flourished in researching all matters loss of lust, arousal types, how to discuss kinks and fantasies, break old patterns and routines, re-learn sexuality and allow pleasure into your body.

Her mission? To break all taboos around the subject of sexuality, intimacy and pleasure (especially for the mums who suffer in silence). Starting with this CHEEX Workshop for everyone looking to explore their sexuality postpartum or otherwise! For all genders!

BONUS: Mrs. Lisa O. will be reading a seductive naughty story at the end!


How can parents maintain their sexual relationship?

What can mothers do to make time for pleasure?

Live reading of one of Mrs. Lisa O’s erotic short stories

In the meantime, you can follow Mrs. Lisa O. on instagram: pleasepinchmehard 

Details of the workshop as to what to expect CHEEX

A workshop where you can ask all the uncomfortable questions!

Are you joining the workshop? Do you have questions you want to ask? Send me an email here or ask it live during the workshop with CHEEX!

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