Discover new ways to increase your libido, ignite your sexual pleasure, ideas and tips for the kinky-minded, how-to’s, live readings, humour, an honest woman’s voice and above all: a realistic approach to relationships and sexuality. 

And of course: short, erotic stories written by a woman, for women! 
Raw, funny, realistic, body positive and with a British wink in the eye!

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Rediscover your sexual desire!

pleasepinchmehard is your pleasure empowerment platform.

30% of women between the age of 18 and 59 show decreased interest in sexual activities.

Beside trauma, physical and mental restrictions we often find our mind & body connection is out of synchronization. 

Many women struggle to get into the right headspace for sex.

Whilst a general overhaul and analysis of our lives can be beneficial, many want immediate libido solutions. Sit tight for some quick tips and some longer routes to a happy sex life.

It’s time to reclaim your sexuality, indulge in fantasies, revive forlorn desires and discover new possibilities.

With a focus on the loss of libido I strive to help you in those moments of despair. My platforms give you visual stimulus, audio content, humor to lighten the mood, in-depth information and guides and of course short, erotic stories to inspire your sexy life.


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pleasepinchmehard short reads are my random musings on all things pleasure, parenting, identity & more. Always rambly, honest, raw and vulnerable.

Photo of an illustrated uterus filled with flowers with Wilde Urnatur Logo

Wilde Urnatur Maya Womb Medicine

My personal insights and feelings about Maya Womb Medicine by Wilde Urnatur, collective healing, and women’s well-being. Expect some buzzwords and impulses (not solutions), not just for show, but to get you thinking about these concepts.

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It feels like fighting fire with fire, but reading erotic fiction can greatly improve our libido.

Delving into a fantasy world can stimulate your imagination and the frontal cortex, which is where we find our pleasure area.

Take a few minutes and browse some stories.
If you feel inspired, send it to someone you’re thinking about!

Photo of a woman lying in the bathtub with petals and flowers around her depicting the main protagonist of the story by Lisa Opel

When in Rome – kinky love

The scar above her belly button was one of the mild ones, but, still, she hated looking at herself. Closing her eyes, she allowed just her feelings to steer her actions. And surely enough, she was aroused, relaxed even.

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Photo of bed, love swing and couple in room8 Hamburg sex hotel or couples retreat

room8 Hamburg – Sex hotel or couple retreat?

Room8 Hamburg is not a sex hotel in the traditional sense. It is a getaway for couples to reconnect. An area untainted by stress, differences and the past. Basically, a hotel room with all the trimmings of a sex party. Read more plus a short story in-situ!

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Relationships can be a lot of work.

Ofcourse we want to put that work in.
Particularly in long-term relationships we are sometimes bored or lacking initiative to discuss fantasies and desires.

So here are some helpful articles to fuel your needs and perhaps help start that conversation with your partner to take your sex life (and libido) to the next level!

Mrs Lisa O. pleasepinchmehard - Female pleasure is everything!


Start right here and browse MUMMYS_COMING: a self-experiment in which I rediscover my sexual pleasure and libido by holistically analyzing my life.

Nutrition, physical and mental health, family dynamics and self-care with your body, in your relationship and in the bedroom.

Disclaimer: there are no quick fixes to increase your libido. 

In short, there are a lot of ways to start changing habits and take back a slice of pleasure.

Above all, let’s start by thinking about YOU!

Who am I to tell YOU about sex?

My name is Mrs Lisa O. 

I am a woman, wife, mother and advocate for healthy, happy bodies that are confident to explore their desires and have their needs met.

As a woman who has been through eating disorders, pregnancies and self-confidence issues, I am empathetic and here to hear your fears, worries and inhibitions.

And my mission is to set you free.

That is to say I want to free you from the shackles society, pop culture, media, filters and our childhood have given us.

To sum up, I am here to tell you there is no right or wrong in how you experience pleasure and what makes your libido rise or fall.

I don’t have all the answers but by heck have I got a lot of things to tell you about libido and sexuality.

Grab a coffee, tea, water, wine, whisky etc. and join me for frolics and fiddle-dee-dees.

PS. I speak with a British accent. Just so you know.

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