OhJaaa! Sex lieben with Lisa Opel

Watch the new OhJaaa! Episodes now on WDR with Annabell Neuhof, Yared Dibaba and wonderful guests such as Lisa Opel!

Episode 4: Good sex despite stress: Parenting & sex, can it work? (S03/E04)

Episode available in German only.

Lisa Opel chatted with Annabell Neuhof in the fabulous show “OhJaaa! – Sex lieben”, which aims to lift the taboo nature of sexuality surrounding diverse topics and themes.

Lisa was interviewed (or rather, they had a heart-to-heart) for about an hour by/with Annabell. They discussed the difficulties of balancing parenting, career, and passion. Not only did they empathize with the constant effort into prioritizing our own mental health, but Lisa also told her of her “tool”: erotic literature. Erotic literature is one of the most useful vehicles for transporting more lust into our brains, particularly if we have cognitive arousal. 

RED LIGHT Party SkirtClub Hamburg

Annabell met up with Lisa at a SkirtClub party in Hamburg. SkirtClub is an exclusive, members-only club for bisexual and bicurious women. The party was a notorious signature party: where members are invited for an all-inclusive evening including entertainment!

After drying their tears of sadness and laughter, they swiftly began preparing the location for the party. After a quick change of clothes, it was then already time to welcome the guests. 

However, OhJaaa! is of course not allowed to show you the entire story that Lisa read to a room full of women dressed in red, but luckily it’s right here for you to read (Red, ripe and ready: a story about not being able to have orgasms, orgies and menstruation). You’re welcome. Or check out the book here.

What happened next?

The evening ended around one in the morning and Annabell recounts her feelings of having a conversation in a room full of women having sex.

This interview was empowering, the evening was exhilarating and Annabell swore, Lisa should get into spicy comedy and read on stage MORE!

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