La Dolce Vulva Statement Socks

Photo of the La Dolce Vulva statement socks in diverse versions

Discover ‘La Dolce Vulva’: statement socks redefining fashion with a message of empowerment and self-love. These socks celebrate diversity and support Vulvaversity, challenging beauty norms and promoting sustainability.

What’s a Kinky Party? A Journey of Desires & Self-Discovery

Photo of a hole in the wall with the writing glory hole around it with pink graffiti as it could be at a kinky party

Curious about a kinky party but nervous about getting “spanked” by the unknown? Join us as we demystify the world of naughty gatherings and provide a playful peek behind the velvet ropes. Uncover what to expect, how to embrace your desires, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Can sex toys go moldy?

A photo of diverse sex toys on a pink background for an article by Lisa Opel for pleasepinchmehard SHORT READS about hygiene and mold regarding sex toys

Can sex toys really go moldy? Learn how to safeguard your intimate accessories and ensure a clean and healthy experience. Don’t let mold fears ruin your pleasure—find out the facts now.

Are We Too Embarrassed to Be Depressed?

Photo of a woman with depression for an article regarding Nora Tschirner

Discover the unspoken challenges of depression and the heavy burden of embarrassment in our latest article, featuring insights from Nora Tschirner’s brave confession.

This is what happens when flow meets sex

Photo of two hands in a sexual flow with rainbow lights to depict the article describing "sexual flow" by Lisa Opel for pleasepinchmehard

Discover the secrets to heightened intimacy in our feature on the art of sexual flow. Explore the benefits, delve into the joys of life’s natural rhythms, and master the art of creating a deeper connection with your partner. Immerse yourself in the world of slow, sensual experiences that ignite passion and fortify your bond.

Compersion: when being betrayed makes you happy

A photo of a couple feeling joy for each other depicting compersion for an article by Lisa Opel for pleasepinchmehard

Explore the world of Compersion with insights into both embodied and attitudinal aspects. Discover practices, real-life examples, and reading recommendations to embrace this transformative journey of love and joy.

What’s your sexual spirit animal?

Photo of a bear depicting a sexual spirit animal for an article by Lisa Opel for pleasepinchmehard about discovering your sexual spirit animal to better understand your sexuality

Uncover your sexual spirit animal and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Explore the unique traits and desires that shape your intimate connections. Embrace your sexuality authentically and communicate your needs for more fulfilling relationships.