Hallo Yoni Online Kongress mit Lisa Opel

Bild von Jenny Lukas von Hallo Yoni Online Kongress und Lisa Opel für ein Interview

VIDEO INTERVIEW (DE) – Der Online Sex Kongress war ein wahres Highlight in diesem Jahr! Als Speakerin hatte ich die Ehre, über das Thema “Lust Verlust” zu sprechen und mit vielen anderen großartigen Expertinnen und Experten zusammenzuarbeiten.

Barre in Hamburg: the ultimate workout for mums

photo of women holding onto a ballet barre to depict mums training at the Barre in Hamburg

As I sauntered into my first-ever barre workout at the Youpila Studio in Hamburg, I couldn’t help but feel like a fish out of water. I mean, what kind of workout involves a ballet barre and tiny pulses that make your legs feel like they’re made of jelly?

Perimenopause & Menopause Resources

A photo of a light box with the words manage your menopause on a peach background

With this topic still resonating as a massive taboo in todays society, here is a list of resources to get you started into better understanding the changes in your body when things start feeling different.

OhJaaa! – Sex lieben – Lisa Opel

photo of Lisa Opel and Annabell Neuhof in the new episode of OhJaaa! - Sex lieben in the ARD Mediathek

There were tears, there was laughter and later on there was a lot of sex! Annabell Neuhof and Lisa Opel spoke in OhJaaa! – Sex lieben on WDR about sex, love, passion, parenting and fantasies!

Night Temptress – a short story about witch erotica

photo of a woman on a very dark background symbolic of a witch in the night for the witch erotica short story night temptress written for Skirtclub by Mrs Lisa O from pleasepinchmehard

Fingertips on lips and skin, Tongues and silence, Words and sin. Each breath a poem, A moment so true, In wisdom, In knowing, Just me and you.

Take me, Use me, I’ll use you back, Give me your yes’s, Tie my hands behind my back.

When in Rome – kinky love

Photo of a woman lying in the bathtub with petals and flowers around her depicting the main protagonist of the story by Lisa Opel

The scar above her belly button was one of the mild ones, but, still, she hated looking at herself. Closing her eyes, she allowed just her feelings to steer her actions. And surely enough, she was aroused, relaxed even.

room8 Hamburg – Sex hotel or couple retreat?

Photo of bed, love swing and couple in room8 Hamburg sex hotel or couples retreat

Room8 Hamburg is not a sex hotel in the traditional sense. It is a getaway for couples to reconnect. An area untainted by stress, differences and the past. Basically, a hotel room with all the trimmings of a sex party. Read more plus a short story in-situ!

Red, ripe and ready – menstruation sex erotica

Photo of a woman in a red sequined dress touching her exposed thigh

Let me tell you a story: When I was younger, all missing teeth and self-cut fringe, my mother told me that when I grow up I can be whatever I want to be. And I believed her. But now, I’m not so sure anymore. Because I want to be someone who has orgasms. And that’s not who I am.

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