TEDx Lisa Opel Outfit

Lisa Opel's TEDx Outfit

Join me on a TEDx journey, where resilience meets style. From Marina Hoermanseder’s iconic black strap skirt to ITEM M6’s vibrant pink underwear, we unfold a narrative of empowerment and self-discovery together.

Lisa Opel TEDx Affiliates

Lisa Opel TEDx Talk affiliates picture with BEDUCATED, CHEEX and FUNFACTORY

Meet my TED Talk affiliates: FUNFACTORY, CHEEX, and BEDUCATED. Discover how these empowering brands align with my mission of self-expression and empowerment, promoting personal growth, sexual liberation, and nurturing fulfilling relationships.

Saint Sass

Photo by Saint Sass with their tights and the saying "TROUBLE MAKER"

Explore the empowering world of Saint Sass, a visionary brand that redefines fashion with its bold blend of style and self-determined living. Discover how this Berlin-based startup is making a statement that encourages women to embrace their unique identities and challenge societal norms.

Marina Hoermanseder

A photo of colorful clothes at Marina Hoermanseder's atelier in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Marina Hoermanseder: Redefining Fashion with Artistry and Sustainability – Explore the innovative designs and empowering ethos of this visionary fashion brand.