Fake Orgasms Are Like Shouting Wolf

Photo of two peaches with cream leaking out of them

Ever wondered about the real impact of faking orgasms on your relationship and yourself? Unmask the truth, ask yourself the tough questions, and rediscover the authentic magic that lies beyond the facade. It’s time for genuine connection and self-discovery.​

Can sex toys go moldy?

A photo of diverse sex toys on a pink background for an article by Lisa Opel for pleasepinchmehard SHORT READS about hygiene and mold regarding sex toys

Can sex toys really go moldy? Learn how to safeguard your intimate accessories and ensure a clean and healthy experience. Don’t let mold fears ruin your pleasure—find out the facts now.

Embracing open communication through farting

A photo of a weather cock to symbolize how breaking barriers in relationships can change the winds of intimacy

Explore how something as ordinary as farting can have extraordinary effects on a relationship. Discover how embracing this natural bodily function can encourage open communication, strengthen trust, and foster a more authentic connection between partners.